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Thurnes/Hentschel/Zeihsel: Playing TRIZ Vol. 1 - Games and Cases for Learning and Teaching Inventiveness

UPC-Strichcode: 978-3-9815493-4-8
Marke: Synnovating
Learning and teaching inventiveness often hands us situations in which we fear completely unjustified leaps just as much as too rigorous a guidance. The editors of this book sought an antidote to the rigor brought on by too much guidance and the messy process brought on by no guidance at all. They consider play for learning and teaching (not only) inventiveness as a means to ensure engagement, creativity, experimentation – and results.
Understanding TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) as a versatile set of tools for inventive thinking, and using game and case elements as rather new teaching and learning techniques in TRIZ contexts, the combination of both go by the name “gamiTRIZation”. Herewith, the first volume of TRIZ Games and Cases is at hand, providing
- educational objectives and competencies,
- preparative hints for each game and case,
- exhaustive material lists,
- full game and case instructions and
- further links and readings.

The authors have tested all games and cases. They deliver insights into their TRIZ training elements, showing examples of a burgeoning set of techniques that leverage play for fostering inventiveness.

ISBN 9783981549348

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