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Thurnes/Hentschel/Zeihsel Playing TRIZ Vol. 2 - More Games and Cases Fostering Inventiveness

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UPC-Strichcode: 978-3-9815493-7-9
Marke: Synnovating
Inventiveness can be learned and taught. This requires an open mindset with utmost flexibility in seeing opportunities – that can best be trained in a playful game setting. Unlike in games like chess and soccer, winning or losing such games is not the issue. The issue rather is to be ahead for a while: together as a group with new, inventive ideas in a given or changing situation. When lagging behind, guidance, tools and new rules may unleash inventiveness anew, all in view to solve problems and leapfrog old inventions. Seeing resources as sources, rules as poles of resilience and game settings as condensed learning situations to start from, makes players thrive through the inspirational world of inventive thinking. Understanding TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) as a versatile set of tools for inventive thinking, and using games and cases as rather new teaching and learning techniques in TRIZ contexts, the combination of both go by the name “gamiTRIZation”. Herewith, the second volume of TRIZ Games and Cases is at hand, providing
  • educational objectives and competencies
  • exhaustive material lists and preparative hints
  • full game instructions and further links and readings
All authors have tested their games and use them in their trainings. They deliver insights into their frequently used TRIZ training elements, showing examples of a growing number of techniques that leverage play for fostering inventiveness to reach higher-level and joint invention.

Let the gamiTRIZation go on!
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