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Systems / Processes

Sustainable Lean

Individual tools and methods of Lean Management are often easy to apply and "introduce". The selective measures in the form of events often lead to astonishing results in the shortest possible time and great aha effects.


But lean management cannot be put together from individual parts at will - at least not if the effects are to have a lasting effect and the organization is to develop further as a learning organization. To achieve this, the operational systems (e.g. management systems, quality systems, etc.) usually have to be adapted or changed and the continuous improvement of business processes has to be implemented consistently.


We support you on your way to Lean Management.

There is no patent recipe - therefore this website cannot tell you whether you should first change your organizational structures in the direction of guided teamwork with Hanchos, adapt your remuneration models to the values of a lean company, run large training campaigns or coach individual executives.

This website can't tell you - but we can, in face-to-face, fact-based and on-site (genchi



We look forward to a personal discussion with you in order to develop your way to "Lean ..." together with you.

We would also be pleased to inform you about our Lean Working Group, in which company representatives regularly exchange information about the success of their Lean path. If necessary, we can make it possible for you to participate in these free events.

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