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In principle, our services in the field of ideation can be divided into:


  • ​Think-Tank-Projekte - We are your extended workbench and you provide specifications and the detail task, we solve the problem and discuss the results with you closely.

  • Moderation/Projekt-Coaching - We form a partnership, combining our respective expertise, Ideation/TRIZ methodology and I-TRIZ software support to systematically address and solve the problem.

  • Training/Education - We provide you with the basic knowledge for problem solving and, if desired, accompany you during the later application so that you can realize the maximum benefit with the Ideation/TRIZ methodology and the software tools.

Please, see our flyer (english)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Training & Workshops

Together with our partner Ideation International, Synnovating offers several I-TRIZ programs for innovative

Problem Solving (IPS), Anticipatory Failure Determination (AFD) and Directed Evolution ® (DE), which integrate training, software tools and project coaching.

This combination ensures that you gain the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully implement I-TRIZ.

and achieve a measurable return on investment (ROI).

Ideation Schulungen und Workshops werden wie folgt durchgeführt:

  • Schulungen und Workshops für  Einzelpersonen und/oder Gruppen bis maximal 20 Teilnehmer.

  • Jeder Workshop basiert auf einem Projekt, d.h. die Teilnehmer müssen die Innovations-Checkliste (Innovation Situation Questionnaire – ISQ ®) nach der Unterzeichnung eines Non-Disclosure Agreement und möglichst vor dem Workshop erstellen.

  • Jeder Teilnehmer sollte einen Computer/Notebook mitbringen.

  • Die Workshop-Teilnehmer erhalten eine Ausbildung in I-TRIZ, einschließlich detaillierter Einführung in Methodik und Praxis, Software und Bücher.

  • Nach Abschluss des Workshops und der Vorlage der Ergebnisse des Projekts können die  Teilnehmer ein Zertifikat erhalten.

Workshops are available for:

  • Inventive Problem Solving (ISP)

  • AFD Failure Prediction

  • AFD Failure Analysis

  • Directed Evolution ® (DE)

  • Intellectual Property (IP)


Guiding Innovation - that is our business.

We can equip your experts with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. We can also support you if you are under time pressure or if your products, processes or technologies need to make the leap from conception and development to market.


Working with your project team and applying the Ideation/TRIZ methodology, our project staff will gain a comprehensive understanding of the problem and will capture your expectations, resources and constraints. This knowledge enables our team of experts to fundamentally analyze the system and get to the heart of the problem. We then use Ideation/TRIZ methodology and I-TRIZ software tools to create solutions that meet your predefined success criteria.


Synnovating, together with Ideation International, has a proven track record of helping companies identify the cause(s) of technology problems. Our project teams are made up of a team of scientists and engineers from a wide range of disciplines, including physics and chemistry, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. This diversity of technical expertise enables us to help our customers manage the innovation process. 

In this way, we can become partners in a strategic alliance that turns complex challenges into opportunities for success.

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