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Lean Events

In the lean world, events are the most action-oriented and direct form of event in order to achieve great success in a short period of time. Events are often referred to as point measures, workshops, etc. - in order to minimize the risk of confusion, we usually speak of "events".

Lean Events / Lean Workshops

... change or create reality in a very short time

... make operational excellence a tangible experience

... activate the participants

... Encourage and develop participants to DO

... support the learning of individual Lean tools

... support the understanding of Lean principles and procedures

... support acceptance and receptiveness for systems and lean processes as selective measures

... usually lead to changes that have already been implemented during event completion (for example, after one week).



There are many different types of events.

CIP, muda or quay zen events aim, for example, at increasing the efficiency of certain processes, improving the quality of certain processes, line balancing as well as the operative material flow design, increasing output quantities, etc.

Value stream design workshops, office and admin events usually focus on higher-level problems such as the material flow from the company's point of view, order processing, controlling and sales processes, supply chain management, etc.

3P events are typical elements of lean product development and production design (by the way: cardboard engineering is only one of the tools in this context). They range from concept design to factory design. Further Lean Product Development events can be used even further upstream in product identification.

Special shop floor events each aim at a defined focus: SMED workshops serve to reduce set-up time, 5S workshops develop 5S and visual management in a specific area, etc.


There are many names and many titles for events/workshops - but only the right content and the right execution are important. Talk to us - we will show you your way.

Workshops alone won't let you lean - don't forget the systems.

Implementation and our service

Events only have their full impact if they follow certain very important rules. In addition to adhering to and implementing proven standards (e.g. in event preparation, event and daily routine, team composition, etc.), you need experienced event managers.

We support you in the planning and implementation of events - this includes in particular the learning and development experience of your event manager, which should be emphasized. Our support service is based on your previous experience and therefore varies from comprehensive support and advice for "starters" to individually tailored event coaching for companies and event managers with extensive event experience.

The training of event leaders or the organisational embedding of events are services that fall into the area of system / processes.

"We attach the greatest value to the actual implementation and the action initiative. There are many things you don't understand, so we ask the question: Why don't you just get active and try? Then you realize how little you actually know and you have to deal with your mistakes. The best way to correct these mistakes is to repeat the same process. At the second attempt you will recognize another error or some other aspect that you are not satisfied with, so repeat the whole thing again.

Through this continuous improvement, or rather, this action-based improvement, an ever higher level of practice and knowledge can be achieved."

(Fujio Cho, Ex-Präsident Toyota Motor Corporation, cited regarding to  Liker 2008: Der Toyota-Weg, S. 25)



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