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Lean ... Your way - Our Contribution

If you are serious about Lean Management, Lean Administration and Lean Production, you know that success in these areas is not only achieved through training or the introduction of separate methods.


As simple as individual methods and principles (5S, SMED, Kanban, KVP, A3, Hoshin Kanri, Shopfloormanagement, 3P, Kaizenworkshop, Kaikaku-Workshop, Cardboard-Engineering, Nemawashi, Hancho, Servant Leadership, etc., etc.) often seem to be: The key to success lies in comprehensive changes in the organization and also in the necessary change of every single person in the organization - at all levels.


This is not easy - it requires consistency, willingness to change and know-how.


  • We help you to find / develop YOUR way.

  • We support you in walking it.

  • We support you in changing yourself and your company.

  • Together with you we design the necessary mix of lean events and system/processes as well as training/coaching, if necessary.


We support you with specialist, methodological and empirical knowledge. Our team has numerous experiences in the relevant areas - from the production workplace to the executive floor, from logistics management to administration, from remuneration system development to personnel selection. In addition to many years of experience in coaching, consulting and development projects, our team members have themselves worked at various levels in companies and therefore know the meaning of "Operational Excellence" not only from books. We know what it is all about!


Our knowledge comes from our experience. Our own leadership experience and professional practices weigh just as much as our coaching experience, our experience with esteemed colleagues, trainers and Japanese Senseis or even former Toyota employees.

Continuous improvement is of course also one of our own basic principles - we have not finished learning because we will never finish learning. Let us take a step along your path together and continue learning together.


We look forward to a personal discussion with you in order to develop your way to "Lean ..." together with you.

We would also be pleased to inform you about our working group, in which company representatives regularly exchange information about the success of their lean path. We can make it possible for you to participate in these free events.

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